Want to try the latest Maccy D’s burger but don’t want to part with £££ without knowing if it tastes like utter kak? Not sure about that latest cake Mr. Kipling has been busy making? I’ll take a bullet for the team! Let me try before you buy. Simples. All food rated on the scale of Annem-o-meter points.

The Cheese Wheel Kerb Market

The UK’s first street food cheese wheel

Lots of people may have come across pasta tossed inside a giant wheel of cheese whilst on holiday and never forgotten the experience. One friend tells me “A restaurant served me a macaroni cheese in a giant wheel in 2004 during a trip in Holland. My family still speak about it to this day.” I Read more

Gin and Jazz at Belgo and Bloom Kings Cross

Gin and Jazz at Belgo & Bloom, Kings Cross

It’s always difficult tracking down a place to meet friends that has the perfect balance between bar and restaurant. Well, now brand new to Kings Cross London, The Bloomsbury Group and Belgo have partnered to create a space in the newly refurbished Crowne Plaza Hotel (formally the Holiday Inn). Having been to the Holiday Inn previously, Read more


The tastiest alcohol substitutes to see you through Dry January

Alcohol. It’s a love, hate relationship isn’t it? Recent surveys have revealed that more and more young people are embracing being alcohol free and loving it. Maybe it’s because there’s so many delicious hangover free options these days! Gone are the days where if you’re not drinking alcohol on a night out -your only options Read more


Battered Sprouts and Deep Fried Mince Pies at Sutton & Sons

Last week I wrote about a chip shop oop’ North selling battered sprouts, but with it being so far I was disappointed I couldn’t try any. That was until I was told Sutton & Sons in London have been serving them up for a few years now. Not just sprouts either… oh no. You haven’t Read more

Lidl Brings Christmas Dinner to Pizza

Lidl Brings Christmas Dinner to PIZZA

It’s looking like it will be a Merry CRUSTmas for pizza lovers this year! Lidl have taken the components of our favourite Christmas Dinner and magically merged it with a limited edition crispy, cheesy, succulent pizza pie. The Italian style hand-stretched pizza has a thin and crispy stone baked base and rich Mediterranean style tomato sauce. Read more

Pate of choice this Christmas

My pate of choice this Christmas

Pate. It’s synonymous with Christmas. Gathered round a cheese board with sliced up baguette is how I spend many evenings in the run up to Christmas. Adding pate to the mix turns it into a celebration. So what kind of pate do you go for? Chicken Liver Parfait seems very popular, as does duck. How Read more


Mr Men & Little Miss Are The Stars of Sushi

I can’t get enough of Sushi these days. Japanese food is my obsession of the month and I feel like I’m educating myself on a cuisine I sadly didn’t give a huge amount of attention to when I was growing up. As a kid, I didn’t even know what Sushi was! Well, The Sushi Shop Read more


Mermaid Tagliatelle With Seaweed Pasta

Seaweed is going through some intense popularisation these past few years, with thousands of articles claiming it is the BEST THING EVER for your health. There’s this Marie Claire article selling me 8 reasons why I should eat it. There’s this Daily Mail piece claiming Jamie Oliver lost loads of weight on a seaweed diet. Heck, Read more


Bonding over pastry at Cookery School, Little Portland Street

Few things in life are as satisfying as making the perfect pastry. Choux pastry, puff pastry, shortbread pastry – the lot. I must admit, I had resigned myself to the idea that ready roll pastry would be my fall back for life. After watching Bake Off every year with a salivating mouth, I was doubtful Read more


Banc Brasserie is the latest hidden gem in Tottenham

Since moving to Tottenham many years ago, I’ve always hopped on a bus to nearby Stoke Newington in order to get my fix of simple, homely, intimate little cafes. I’ve longed for my area to have something similar, and then one day, like magic – boom – The Banc Brasserie opened up its doors on Read more