Praise Cheesus… again! Someone has taken the beauty of chocolate and combined it with the grace of blue cheese. This incredible creation has been imported to the UK by specialists La Credenza. The original cheese is from the fabulous Moro Formaggi, experts in creating traditional Italian cheeses since 1930.

The Choco 21 is a delicate Italian blue cheese fermented with chocolate liqueur, dusted with a rich layer of cocoa and sprinkled with chocolate chips. A far cry from how we typically know and love cheese, it really seems to push the dairy boundaries.

I’m thrilled I got to try this controversial cheese, and the results are in!

The chocolate liqueur was dripping off.

I tested the Choco 21 with a few of my friends, and we all really liked it. It’s worth pointing out though that we felt the chocolate was more of a visual element than flavour. There is no sweetness whatsoever and the chocolate used is so dark, it has the bitterness of cacao powder rather than Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!

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It’s a creamy, balanced blue with a sharpness cutting through. Hands down, it would make the most incredible pasta sauce. Blue cheese sauce is one of all time favourites. A slice of this cheese would also be a winner on top of a juicy burger.

Layers of piercing blue

If you’re looking for show stopping cheese, then Moro Formaggi have got your back. Check out some of their other ‘drunken’ boozy cheeses here. 

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