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The Cheese Wheel Kerb Market

The UK’s first street food cheese wheel

Sun 5th March, by Annem Hobson

Lots of people may have come across pasta tossed inside a giant wheel of cheese whilst on holiday and never forgotten the experience. One friend tells me “A restaurant served me a macaroni cheese in a giant wheel in 2004 during a trip in Holland. My family still speak about it to this day.” I can see why!

Food dunked in a melting wheel of cheese is how I imagine heaven would serve food.

Gutted I couldn’t find the equivalent in the UK, I was THRILLED when I saw The Cheese Wheel had officially opened up at Kerb Market in Camden a few weeks ago. Owned by the same team behind the massively successful Mac Factory (also at Kerb) I went along to visit them and find out a little more about the food. Check out the video for a detailed review, and interview with Graham Bradbury, owner of The Cheese Wheel and Mac Factory.

I had a wheely, wheely good time learning to toss my own pasta. The staff are all incredibly friendly and super passionate about cooking. There’s a lot of love that goes into their food.


KERB Camden Market
West Yard
Camden Lock Place
London NW1 8AF

Opening times:

Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am-6pm

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