Last week I wrote about a chip shop oop’ North selling battered sprouts, but with it being so far I was disappointed I couldn’t try any. That was until I was told Sutton & Sons in London have been serving them up for a few years now. Not just sprouts either… oh no. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a mince pie that has been deep fried.

We went along to try these delights and I’m now hooked. If you don’t typically like sprouts I urge you to give these a shot. They are nothing like the wet, over boiled, gross bitter veggies so many people hate. By battering and deep frying it’s transformed a pretty mundane vegetable into something a bit sexier.

Check out my visit to Sutton & Sons in the video below along with an interview of Danny, owner and master fryer.

Sutton & Sons have branches in Islington, Hackney and Stoke Newington and all 3 are serving up these festive treats. I was going to give the sprouts a 10/10 on the Annem-o-meter but those mince pies have swung it to an 11 and broken the charts.