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Katsu Curry Smoothie

Wagamama launches a Katsu Curry Smoothie

Thu 25th March, by Annem Hobson

We all love a good Wagamama Katsu Curry. It’s hearty, warming and oh so delicious and guess what? Now you can have it on the move! Who cares about knives and forks when you can just…. drink it?!

Yes, you heard right – you can now drink your Katsu Curry as Wagamama’s have launched a brand new, limited edition smoothie of their popular dish.

The smoothie is made from a combination of katsu curry sauce, apple, banana and pineapple.

Wagamama said the product’s launch was part of a mental health campaign, in partnership with mental health charity YoungMinds. The brand said that the product, unlike its katsu curry, was designed to be enjoyed on-the-go with a friend in a bid to encourage socialising, and that all proceeds would be donated to YoungMinds.

The chain’s executive chef, Steve Mangleshot says

“The Katsu Smoothie aims to spark everyone’s attention with something unexpected, and then deliver YoungMinds meaningful purpose to back it up. The Katsu smoothie was created with one single goal – to get people talking about how they really feel.”

Sign me up! I’m off to find one….

What do you think, wrong or nom?

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