Cheester Egg

The Cheester Egg has hatched

Last Christmas, I launched the #CheeseNotChoc campaign for my Cheese Advent Calendar and you all showed me so much support. It was overwhelming but I was thrilled to see a whole army of cheese lovers keen to see cheese in all the places that chocolate usually dominates. I’m excited to announce I’ll be working with a Read more

Rose and Pistachio Kheer Pudding

Rose and Pistachio Kheer Pudding

Kheer, a sort of Indian rice pudding was one of my favourite desserts growing up. Still is! My mum used to make it in big batches and it was often presented when we had guests round or on special occasions. I’ve created my own twist on the classic, by matching it with Turkish Delight flavours. This rose and Read more

unusual eats this National Pie Week 2017

Top 5 unusual eats this National Pie Week 2017

What’s your definition of a pie? It seems to vary person to person, demonstrated by the hotly debated pasty VS. pie controversy. For all the pie purists out there, I’ve got a message for you: Food has no rules! A pie can be sweet, savoury, with a top, without a top, with a base, without a base Read more

The Cheese Wheel Kerb Market

The UK’s first street food cheese wheel

Lots of people may have come across pasta tossed inside a giant wheel of cheese whilst on holiday and never forgotten the experience. One friend tells me “A restaurant served me a macaroni cheese in a giant wheel in 2004 during a trip in Holland. My family still speak about it to this day.” I Read more

Meat Pigcakes Pancake Day

All meat ‘Pigcakes’ are here in time for Pancake Day

If you like eating your meat with a side of meat and some extra meat on top, then look no further. This Pancake Day, Oxford based restaurant group House of Jacob have invented ‘Pigcakes’ – a Shrove Tuesday classic made entirely of meat. Consisting of 5 different cuts of pork, including belly, cheek and shoulder. This coming Tuesday, Read more

Gin and Jazz at Belgo and Bloom Kings Cross

Gin and Jazz at Belgo & Bloom, Kings Cross

It’s always difficult tracking down a place to meet friends that has the perfect balance between bar and restaurant. Well, now brand new to Kings Cross London, The Bloomsbury Group and Belgo have partnered to create a space in the newly refurbished Crowne Plaza Hotel (formally the Holiday Inn). Having been to the Holiday Inn previously, Read more


Someone made Pringles Jam and we want to try it

Scrolling through reddit one day, we came across something that is both intriguing and ghastly in equal measures: Pringles jam. Yes, you heard me right – jam as we know and love it but made with BBQ flavoured Pringles. After the initial disgust, my mind started to come around to the idea and so we found Read more


Mr Kipling’s BOU-CAKE wins Valentine’s Day

ANOTHER UPDATE: The florist, Forever Green have hand delivered us a new bou-cake to apologise. Genuinely impressed by how quick they were to sort everything out and give us a personal phone call. This is what pure cake fuelled happiness looks like: A post shared by So Wrong It’s Nom (@sowrongitsnom) on Feb 15, 2017 Read more


What type of salt should I be using?

I own a salt and pepper grinder, which I top up with Cornish Sea Salt Flakes. Why? Well flavour wise, I don’t really know, but I certainly prefer the texture over my food than fine salt. When I’m busy in the kitchen cooking, I tend to use table salt as the pouring makes it easier Read more


Don’t panic, but we’re having a vegetable crisis.

Just as everyone is in the midst of their healthy eating, green juicing, new-year-new-me phase – I’m afraid we’re having a vegetable shortage. Supermarkets are having to ration after extreme weather in Spain and Italy has drastically affected supplies, sadly leaving many of our shelves empty. The rule is, 3 lettuces per customer. You can’t go Read more