I like to ask some hard hitting questions on this blog. Like, why does a cheese advent calendar not exist? Or why did Pringles change their recipe for sour cream and chive? How do you pronounce Quorn?!

In a survey conducted by self confessed chicken lover Alexia Christofi, shocking research indicates that far more people know the answer to this question than once believed! Out of 80 votes, 79% of respondents voted for ‘Kworn’, whilst 21% firmly stood by their decision for ‘Corn.’

The creators of our favourite meat subsitute were summoned to confirm this on Twitter:

So there you have it.

It’s Kworn, not corn, or kurn, koorn, or anything else you may have thought of.

Let’s think about this a little further. What other words start with ‘QU’ and how are those pronounced?

QUeen (Kween)
QUestion (Kwestion)
QUest (Kwest)
QUack (Kwack)

I can say with absolute certainty that when the letter Q joins U, there is a ‘kw’.

If you came searching for answers, I hope you have them now.