Here you can find my ramblings about food, which tends to happen a lot. Sometimes I get wound up about certain ingredients, and other times I just take food far too seriously. The features page for me is my outlet. Enjoy!


That time my mum fed me lamb testicles

As some avid readers of SWIN might already know, my mum is an exceptional cook and I relish the chance to go home for visits and be spoilt. She cooks up quite the feast, and yesterday was no different. Mum presented a selection of curries for us, Lamb and Asparagus (yum) and some new concoction that Read more


Cheese Porn: Gruyère

Welcome to the first in my series of cheese porn videos! This week, we’re kicking things off with Gruyère – hot off the Raclette grill. Silky smooth and ever so moreish. Let me know which cheese you want to see next!

Ching He Huang Wok Launch

Things I learnt about Chinese cooking with Ching He Huang

Chinese food has always been a cuisine I’ve ordered when passed out on my sofa, having hardcore crispy duck and hoisin sauce cravings. I’ve locked the art of what I order down to a tee, and saved it for a quick, ‘one button order’ option on my takeaway app. The thing is, I love cooking Read more


My battle with lemon desserts

Time and time again, I’ve tried to make myself like lemon desserts. I’ve tried mousses, cheesecakes, trifles, cakes – you name it, but still my taste buds reject lemons in any dessert form. In cocktails it’s fine – I love myself a good margarita, and I also love lemony-goodness in most things savoury. This is Read more