It was a cold winters day at Beavertown Brewery and craving something warm and cheesy, to my delight there was a street food vendor selling toasties. On closer inspection, it turned out to be Haggis toasties from Deeney’s and at first I was a little apprehensive.

Having never tried Haggis before, I bravely ordered a Macbeth.

What a revelation. The taste explosion in my mouth put the biggest smile on my face, so if you haven’t tried Haggis with cheese melting and oozing on top – you have to try it!

I went to chat to Carol Deeney, founder of Deeney’s Scottish Flavour to find out how they started, how they’ve grown, what makes good Haggis and to do my very own taste test.

Check out the full video interview and review below.

I give this top marks on the Annem-o-meter, not only for being an outstanding toastie – but for teaching me that Haggis is bloomin’ delicious.