I just had to share this. Aside from the Cheese Advent Calendar (of course) this is one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet today, and it’s VERY British. Adorably so, and I want to meet every single person who made this and give them their own personal high fives.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you our OFFICIAL National Anthem for cheese. Cheddar cheese. Watch it first and thank me later.

The lyrics are genius, the singing is on point. It’s so much better than the original anthem of Jerusalem that I genuinely think we should replace it.

Originally launched as a competition, the above video was the winning entry and guess what? You can see the runner up songs here. They are all brie-liant if I do say so myself.

The brain child of The British Cheese Board (BCB) and Kindred Agency, Alex James, the bassist with the band Blur even gave it some love! A few years ago he become an award-winning cheese maker himself and comments: “It’s important to be buying British right now, and Cheddar truly represents the best of British cheese as it was invented right here in the UK.

“This is a fun way to support British Cheddar and combine two of the best things in life – music and cheese.”

We agree. Now, how can we make this a Christmas Number 1 in the charts?