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Chocolate Blue Cheese is Finally Here

Mon 28th November, by Annem Hobson

Praise Cheesus… again! Someone has taken the beauty of chocolate and combined it with the grace of blue cheese. This incredible creation has been imported from Italy to Australia by dairy specialists Curd & Whey and here’s hoping a British company will follow suit.

The Choco 21 is a mild and delicate Italian blue cheese fermented with chocolate liqueur, dusted with a rich layer of cocoa and sprinkled with chocolate chips. A far cry from how we typically know and love cheese, it really seems to push the dairy boundaries.

Sadly for me, I am not in Australia or Italy and alas, this cheese cannot be mine. If you’re living in Melbourne or are planning on being there in the coming weeks be sure to visit the Queen Victoria Market. Seems they sold out this weekend, but they promise to be back…

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