First glance at the Muller Corner de Luxe:

When I buy anything that screams luxury on the packaging so blatantly as this, I expect it to be luxurious. So, as you do with any yogurt – as soon as the lid comes off I give it a lick and gear myself up for what I hope to be a proper treat! Instantly, I see these mysterious golden egg ball things that Nicole Scherzinger goes on about in the adverts.

Muller Corner de Luxe

In a snapshot, it looks like a pimped up fruit corner and unfortunately the golden balls don’t look hugely appealing. In fact, they look like spray painted biscuits and who wants to eat paint?

The kill:

I go straight in for the yogurt  – it is THICK. Don’t attempt to eat the yogurt and the toffee separately; they need to be together to get through this yogfest. The consistency is actually thicker than your average Muller yogurt, and if it wasn’t so sweet it might have worked. In come the spray painted balls and this product doesn’t get much better. It’s sickly not indulgent, too sweet not luxurious –


Maybe I’m eating it wrong I think. Perhaps I’ve gotten the golden balls to yogurt ratio wrong. Just to be sure, I try one spoonful with 1 ball.


Muller Corner de Luxe
A muller corner photo

I try this repeatedly, until I come to the conclusion that the correct ratio to yogurt to enjoy your Muller Luxe experience is approximately 5 golden balls to one spoonful of yogurt. Even with this ratio correct, I wouldn’t rave about it or buy it again  – and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


Muller Luxe? More like Muller Yucks. I give this 4/10 – which is a shame, as I typically rate the Muller Fruit corners at least an 8.