Update 27th Aug 2016

I’ve had to update this blog post, as to my horror Magnum have a new Pistachio recipe, and guess what – they took the Pistachio out of the Pistachio Magnum. The new packaging with a striped ‘NEW RECIPE’ in the corner is LIES IN A BOX.

Magnum Pistachio Lies

The new ‘updated’ flavour is essentially vanilla ice cream masquerading as Pistachio flavour. It used to have a distinguishable pistachio, almost marzipan like flavour. Now it’s just… bland.

Thanks Magnum. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good flavour. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS. Also, how can you get away with this? How did you think nobody would notice? I’m not alone – here’s some reactions on Twitter:





Wandering around Sainsbury’s one day, I stumbled across the ice-cream section and from afar I spied a hazy greeny-brown outline of some new Magnum flavours. Excitedly, I walked over (and that walk slowly became a leap of joy) when I saw that it was none other than the best ice-cream flavour in the world. Pistachio Magnum.

Pistachio Magnum

Words cannot describe how happy I am when I go to an ice-cream parlour and they have this flavour, but now it’s available in my nearest supermarket AND IT’S COATED IN CHOCOLATE.

I immediately put two boxes into my trolley.

As I peeled the wrapper off, bits of chocolate fell out – which I was quick to pick up with my fingers and transfer back to my mouth. Clearly I’d over-enthusiastically thrown the ice-creams into the trolley as they were a little broken when unwrapped.

Who cares. It still looks gorgeous.

Pistachio Magnum

Now, the green colouring is quite bright. Not your usual ‘delicate green’ frequently found in other versions of this ice-cream flavour, but the dark chocolate around it balances this out perfectly. The first bite is delicious and the chocolate is coated in crumbly, chopped up pistachios. It’s a good not-too-dark chocolate but not-too-sickly milk chocolate either. The actual ice-cream itself is sumptuously creamy. The kind where you actually close your eyes in delight.

Pistachio Magnum

I thought long and hard about how this ice-cream could be improved, if at all and I only came to one conclusion:

It could be bigger.

I’d have happily eaten a Magnum Pistachio XL.

Pistachio Magnum

The only thing I’m worried about now is this leaving our shelves and never returning. I know Magnum unveiled a range of new flavours for their 25th anniversary but this has got to stay! It’s so frustrating when there’s a limited edition flavour of something you adore and then it disappears, never to come back again.

Pistachio ice-cream was made for Magnum’s. So please, please, please, people of Magnum – please let this stay.

In fact, if you’ve tried this flavour and passionately feel it needs to stay – sign this extremely first world problems petition:


I give this a solid 9 out of 10. It will be a 10 if I wasn’t worried about it disappearing.