Earlier on, I blogged about Halloween and its delightful use of food colouring. You can read all about Burger King going all out with a ‘Black Whopper’ here, but not to be beaten – Mr. Kipling has done a special range of ghoul-tastic cakes and biscuits too.


Witches Hat Fancies

We begin with the French Fancy special dubbed ‘Witches Hat Fancies’ and oh my lordy is the green colouring far more vivid than the packaging lets on.


The black icing is a far cry from the delicate ice-cream colour palette used in traditional French Fancies but they still manage to look appetising!


I don’t know what it is about cakes with me – make them rainbow, black, green, blue, orange – I’ll still eat them. Food colouring in desserts almost feels normal, but in savoury dishes it’s just plain weird, only acceptable if it’s squid ink pasta.


As I bit in, the Fancy melted straight into my mouth like candy floss. It had a delicate orange flavouring, not too overpowering and blended in with the vanilla cream like a dream.


French Fancies have always been incredibly sweet, and this Halloween special is no exception. One small cake is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth although I did find myself reaching out for another. (All in the name of blogging of course…)

This Witch Hat is pretty delicious but I cannot wait to get my hands on the Christmas special they do every year. It’s simply angelic, and honestly – if you close your eyes and let yourself imagine how a cloud would taste if you lived in a candy universe – the Christmas Kipling’s are it.

This Halloween one gets a solid 8 on the Annem-o-meter.


Toffee Terror Whirls

As well as the Fancies, we also picked up a pack of their Toffee Terror Whirls which featured no ghastly colours and if the packaging was changed, could be eaten any time of the year.


There was nothing terrifying about these terror whirls.


I found lots of familiar textures in my mouth whilst consuming this and realised it was like a toffee version of a shortbread Jammy Dodger.  Not bad, not bad at all.



The shortbread was a good consistency and didn’t crumble and break off as you ate it. (Always a bonus when gorging on snacks on the sofa).


I give this a 7, losing points only because my biscuit standards are pretty high.



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