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McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

Mon 9th November, by Annem Hobson

As a mahoosive fan of Indian food and cooking, I was pretty excited to see my favourite fast food joint do a limited edition McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger.

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

Part of their ‘Tastes of the World’ range it took me around 4 seconds to decide that this was my burger of choice as soon as I walked into McDonalds and looked at their menu. In all fairness, I don’t know how I found myself in a McDonalds at all that day. It was Sunday, I was doing a load of errands and hadn’t eaten breakfast. Come lunchtime I was ravenous and to my pure delight I drove past a Maccy D’s. I didn’t find the McDonalds, the McDonalds found me. <3

The packaging describes it in full as “Crispy coated chicken breast fillet with spiced onion chutney, yogurt & mint mayo, shredded lettuce and sliced onions in a toasted bun.”

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

The toasted bun looked like it had a sprinkling of turmeric in there giving it a glorious pale yellow colour.

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

As I got stuck in, the shredded lettuce and onions oozed out covered in chutney.

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

It wasn’t the easiest burger to eat in that sense, but then I decided to put my fries to their best use and have them masquerede in the function of the classic naan – the king of Indian food. We all know that the naan’s sole purpose is to tear up and get scooping for morsels of food and dip. Well here, I did just that but subsituted with fries. So advice number 1 people – use your fries to scoop up excess filling.

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

The lettuce and onions were perfectly crunchy, not soggy. The chutney wasn’t ‘spicy’ in my opinion and by that I mean it wasn’t hot.

The mint and mayo yogurt was the perfect partner in crime to the chutney making this burger a total badass.

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

Coriander/cilantro haters across the country will be pleased to hear that this is a no coriander zone burger. Whilst I love coriander, a whopping 14% of people in the world think the herb tastes like soap. It’s a genetic issue affecting so many people, including my husband Mike (but I still sneak it into my cooking and most times he doesn’t notice).

If you’re done eating the burger and have a load of fries left, may I suggest you ask them for the curry sauce which they have all year round. It’s my favourite Maccy D’s sauce of all time and I have it every time without fail.

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger

McDonalds Chicken and Chutney Indian Burger Verdict:

To conclude, the crispiness of the chicken, against the crunch of the lettuce and sweetness of the chutney puts this McDonalds Chicken and Chutney burger pretty high on the Annem-o-meter.


Things could only be better if McDonalds had done a limited edition Mango Lassi flavour milkshake to go with it…

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