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Boozy Bakers make drunken cakes!

Tue 18th July, by Annem Hobson

How do you like your cake? With tea? With coffee? With booze perhaps? If it’s the latter, then you lucky devils are in for a treat.

Boozy Bakers based in Hampshire, make over 30 different boozy flavour cakes and post them straight to your door, anywhere in the UK!

Flavours include Gin & Tonic, Strawberry Daiquiri, Prosecco, Espresso Martini, Bailey’s and Maltesers and many more. Special requests can even be made for Jagermeister cake, unless of course, like me – the mere smell of it conjures up end-of-the-night JagerBomb memories of doom…

Here’s a little run down of my tasters:

Boozy Cake from Boozy Bakers

Getting drunk whilst eating cake? Sign us up Boozy Bakers!

Posted by So Wrong It’s Nom on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Established in May 2015, Michelle Wilding – founder of Boozy Bakers had a girl’s night in with some boozy Gin & Tonic cupcakes. After proving to be a big hit, friends were lining up to order a batch, so Michelle set up a Facebook page the next day and found herself with instant orders!

We love the presentation of the cakes, and reckon these would make a great gift if you’re sick of sending a boring bouquet of flowers.

You can order a Boozy Baker’s gift box, here.

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