In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s National Burger Day on 25th August. But, what if you’re not a huge burger fan and fancy something on the sweeter side instead? Don’t want to miss out on the festivities? Well, fear not because Jude’s Ice Cream have got your back.

Hampshire based ice cream makers, Jude’s ice cream have created an ice cream burger which looks extremely So Wrong It’s Nom. Let me try to explain what this magical burger consists of without drooling over my keyboard:

Each burger will be made using Brown Butter Pecan and a strawberry ‘patty’ sandwiched between a toasted brioche bun and topped with a sprinkling of nuts to create a hot-cold, sweet summer sensation!

Ice Cream Burgers for National Burger Day Jude's
I can’t stop staring at this thing of beauty

Oh god. Get me one now!

Jude’s will be serving the Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream Burger, as well as scoops and tubs from their striped horse trailer in St James’ Park, London from Thursday 25th until Saturday 27th August.

Be there or be square.