Cream tea is a hot topic over here in the UK, so whilst you’re all debating whether the cream or jam goes first; spare a thought to this abomination. Or is it a genius invention? You decide.

Introducing: Cream Tea Sushi.

Adding sugar to the rice, Northern Life Magazine have listed a recipe that is sure to anger any Sushi purists.


1) Make up sushi rice as per the instructions on pack. Leave to one side for 30 mins and don’t remove lid. Once cooled, add soft brown sugar to rice and mix thoroughly.

2) Cover a large baking tray with baking parchment. Lightly grease a 4cm round cutter. Place the cutter on the baking tray, press approx 1 tbsp cooked sushi rice inside the ring and level it. Gently push the flattened rice down and release the ring. Repeat this until all the rice has been used. Chill.

3) Spread one rice scone with a layer of jam and cream and top with a second rice scone. Repeat. Gently sieve icing sugar over tops of scones.

4) Serve with fresh strawberries and a nice cup of tea.

Cream Tea Sushi
Wrong or nom?

I’m planning on recreating this tonight, in the hope that it turns out to be So Wrong It’s Nom…

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If cream tea and cakes, or jammy Sushi isn’t your thing – there is always Cheese Afternoon Tea.