There are no rules when it comes to food, and if you follow this motto in your life then there is no reason why dessert can’t be dinner, and dinner can’t be dessert. Confused? Don’t be! Come and do some food-tastic challenges with me.


Someone made Pringles Jam and we want to try it

Scrolling through reddit one day, we came across something that is both intriguing and ghastly in equal measures: Pringles jam. Yes, you heard me right – jam as we know and love it but made with BBQ flavoured Pringles. After the initial disgust, my mind started to come around to the idea and so we found Read more


How to make a cheese advent calendar!

UPDATE! You can now register your interest for your very own cheese advent calendar in 2017! Head over to to sign up! Cheese. I love it. I’d go as far as saying I love it more than chocolate, so why then has no one invented a CHEESE ADVENT CALENDAR? You think this would be Read more