Just when you think ‘latte art’ couldn’t go any further, someone comes along with an idea crazier than before. Introducing: The AvoLatte.

There are so many questions. Like, why? Why is this even cool? Why would a flimsy avocado skin be a suitable vessel for coffee? Why would you want your coffee to taste like avocado? WHY DAMNIT.

This piece of art or monstrosity, (you decide) was created by Vegan friendly Truman Cafe in Melbourne – home of all things hipster. The thing is, this whole thing started as a joke. They weren’t actually selling Avolattes. The barista created it as a bit of a laugh, stuck it online and here we are! In the midst of a social media shitstorm, with article after article taking over the interwebs. The best part? The barista, Jaydin Nathan told News.com.au:

“We weren’t actually selling them, but then someone came in today and wanted one. I think it’s ridiculous. It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

Despite this, it’s of course swept Instagram by storm and despite now knowing it’s joke – it left me wondering how the experience of an AvoLatte would be.  I’ve read online comments from people genuinely complimenting the concept, even going as far as suggesting it probably tastes delicious. Since I’m not planning a visit to Australia any time soon, I created my home made version…

It’s a no from me. It’s so impractical to drink. I get that you’re reusing what would otherwise be waste, but no.

No times a million.

Never again.

Let the joke, be a joke. Don’t make it a ‘thing!’