Meat Pigcakes Pancake Day

All meat ‘Pigcakes’ are here in time for Pancake Day

If you like eating your meat with a side of meat and some extra meat on top, then look no further. This Pancake Day, Oxford based restaurant group House of Jacob have invented ‘Pigcakes’ – a Shrove Tuesday classic made entirely of meat. Consisting of 5 different cuts of pork, including belly, cheek and shoulder. This coming Tuesday, Read more


Meet the Palebi, a cross between Pancake and Jalebi

You’re walking down the road and suddenly the instant smell of syrupy sweetness hits you, filling the air. As you walk closer it begins to get warmer. Soon, you’ve been enveloped by the smell of freshly cooking Jalebi’s as you gather around the huge pan and watch the orange beauties fizzle in the oil. You simply Read more