Prawn To Be Wild on National Curry Week

It’s National Curry Week, and I teamed up with Unite Students to whip together a simple 15 minute curry in a hurry. Introducing: Prawn To Be Wild Now, I must admit – I crowd sourced ideas to name┬áthis recipe with my friends and there were some cracking suggestions. They were too good not to mention Read more

Aloo Gobi Recipe

Aloo Gobi – the magic of sweet potatoes & cauliflower

Christmas is over, the new year has begun and we need some hearty winter-warming dishes to get us through the next couple of months. What better way to cheer yourself up than with two fine specimens of vegetables colliding together in a mix of spices to create an aromatic taste explosion in your mouth? Introducing: Read more


How to make Keema and Roti

I absolutely adore cooking curries and spend a lot of my time re-creating my mums recipes, including all the delicious dishes I grew up eating. One of my all time favourites was pretty much a staple in my Pakistani family life, but always hit the spot. Keema Muttar, A.K.A – Lamb mince curry with peas. Read more