Rose and Pistachio Kheer Pudding

Rose and Pistachio Kheer Pudding

Kheer, a sort of Indian rice pudding was one of my favourite desserts growing up. Still is! My mum used to make it in big batches and it was often presented when we had guests round or on special occasions. I’ve created my own twist on the classic, by matching it with Turkish Delight flavours. This rose and Read more


All Hail the Pistachio Magnum

Update 27th Aug 2016 I’ve had to update this blog post, as to my horror Magnum have a new Pistachio recipe, and guess what – they took the Pistachio out of the Pistachio Magnum. The new packaging with a striped ‘NEW RECIPE’ in the corner is LIES IN A BOX. The new ‘updated’ flavour is Read more