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Annem Hobson So Wrong It's Nom

Hello, my name is Annem and 70% of the time, I’m thinking about food. I’ve been raised revolving food around my day.

When it’s breakfast, I’m usually already thinking about what to have for dinner and when it’s dinner, I’m probably thinking about what to have for breakfast the next day.

And don’t worry, I don’t skip lunch – especially on #FullFatFriday.

I love the joy food brings to my life, both in eating and cooking. That’s why I’ve finally got off my arse and decided to celebrate its brilliance by putting my ramblings down in a blog!

This isn’t a blog about bad food, it’s a blog about the food I personally love which just so happens to include everything from fast food, cakes to healthier home cooked dishes I’ve learnt from my mum. Variety is the spice of life.

You’ll find me talking all things food on talkRADIO’s Full Set Breakfast Show with Paul Ross every month and occasionally on BBC Regional Radio.

Come join my journey as I make my life more delicious!