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This year, I’m thrilled to announce the Cheese Advent Calendar is back. The whole idea started when I made a prototype to see if there was demand, so I’m excited to reveal a new early stage concept for a new product, and I want your thoughts! Introducing: The Cheese Cracker!

Now, it’s important to note that unfortunately you can’t buy this baby right now! It’s an idea I’ve had which I think you all might like, but in order to convince a retailer to take a chance on stocking it – I want to make sure:

  • That you would buy it!
  • ….and if you would, that it includes items you love.

In this early stage prototype, I’ve given it a lot of thought and we think it should feature – cheese, crackers or biscuits, a mini jar of chutney, a hat and a joke. What else would you want to see?

Please cast your vote on whether you would purchase it, as well as giving us your feedback on the items inside, below.

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Watch this space for more news. Your feedback means the world.
Annem x


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