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In 2017 I hatched plans to launch the worlds first, absolutely solid Cheester Egg, made with award winning, independent artisan company Wildes Cheese! We were the first team to achieve this, and since then others have followed – but it was important for us to keep our version of the egg, artisan, solid and made with an abundance of love and hard work.

A hard, slightly crumbly cheese with a creamy texture, it has a deliciously sharp flavour cutting through. The Cheester Egg is an excellent snack to indulge on – especially for those who prefer cheese over standard chocolate offerings at this time of the year.

Our cheeses were all handmade by the skilled masters at Wildes Cheese.

Cheester Egg


Although they are not on sale this year, we’re so proud of what we achieved with them! Watch this space if they make an appearance again….



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