Meet the Sushi Croissant Hybrid

The Cali Croissant, brain child of Mr. Holmes Bake House has landed in Los Angeles. The bakery is already renowned for their infamous ‘Cruffin’ and it looks like this marriage of a croissant and sushi is another match made in heaven. The buttery croissant is filled with smoked salmon, nori, ginger, and wasabi. It even comes Read more

Bleecker Burger

There’s free Bleecker burgers in London Victoria this Monday

How do you make a miserable, manic Monday better? A free cheeseburger of course! Bleecker are opening up their new restaurant in Victoria, London and to celebrate between 11.30am and 9pm on Jan 23rd they’ll be GIVING AWAY FREE BURGERS. Their cheeseburger is loaded with perfectly cooked – pink beef patties, cheese, burger sauce and Read more


The return of the Cheese Postie

There are few things in life that are as satisfying as a cheese toastie oozing straight into your mouth. Cheese Posties, the geniuses who made #CheeseOnPost a reality are BACK! Following a brief hiatus, they have returned with a product that is bigger and better. We wrote about their launch a while back and as big Read more


The tastiest alcohol substitutes to see you through Dry January

Alcohol. It’s a love, hate relationship isn’t it? Recent surveys have revealed that more and more young people are embracing being alcohol free and loving it. Maybe it’s because there’s so many delicious hangover free options these days! Gone are the days where if you’re not drinking alcohol on a night out -your only options Read more

Lidl Brings Christmas Dinner to Pizza

Lidl Brings Christmas Dinner to PIZZA

It’s looking like it will be a Merry CRUSTmas for pizza lovers this year! Lidl have taken the components of our favourite Christmas Dinner and magically merged it with a limited edition crispy, cheesy, succulent pizza pie. The Italian style hand-stretched pizza has a thin and crispy stone baked base and rich Mediterranean style tomato sauce. Read more


This Mince PICE Cream is a Festive Dream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream specialist Four Winters have just announced their latest offering, and it has me drooling in the festive spirit as I type this. If you’re a mince pie lover like me, this will be music to your ears. It all began when Four Winters teamed up with the lovely Meringue Girls to make Read more


Chip Shop Gives Deep Fried Sprouts to Customers

Live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire? Fans of brussel sprouts? Or maybe you’ve tried them boiled but it didn’t float your boat? Well there’s good news. Terry’s Traditional Fish and Chips has put a novel twist on a Christmas staple by giving away deep fried sprouts to customers for free, while they wait for their fish and chips to Read more


The National Anthem for UK Cheddar Cheese

I just had to share this. Aside from the Cheese Advent Calendar (of course) this is one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet today, and it’s VERY British. Adorably so, and I want to meet every single person who made this and give them their own personal high fives. Ladies and gentleman, Read more