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EVENT: How to make your own drinks with Longflint

Fri 7th April, by Annem Hobson

If you’ve tried making sourdough bread, fermenting your own kimchee and brewing beer – now it’s time to master the art of shrubs and carbonating your own cocktails!

On April 13th, Sourced Market are hosting a workshop in the basement of their Marylebone store that will teach you how to make a 100% natural sparkling lemonade, the history and production of shrubs (or drinking vinegars) and how to carbonate and bottle your own pre-batched cocktails.

Presented by the team from Longflint Drinks this is a unique opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn new skills that you can apply at home. In the first part of the lesson, attendees will make a natural lemonade using an oleo saccharum (or sugar oil). You’ll use a refractometer to measure the sugar content before carbonating each drink using equipment that you can buy at your local Argos.

How to make your own drinks with Longflint

The delicious Rhubarb and Vodka Seltzer

You’ll then move on to vinegar shrubs. Developed by early homesteaders, the use of raw unpasteurised vinegar creates a soft acidic ‘cordial’ that’s packed full of fruit favour. Shrubs make a brilliant soft drink but can also be used as the basis for cocktails. You’ll also make a wonderful gin fizz using a roast pineapple and thyme shrub. Yep… I drooled at little.

Using professional equipment, you’ll carbonate your cocktail and everyone will get to bottle their own and drink it there and then. Starting at 7pm, the two hour course is a great way to start creating your own natural drinks at home and promises to be a fun and educational night.

Better yet, tickets are £5! I know a bargain when I see one.

Sign up to get your tickets here.  The event runs from 7pm – 9pm – Thursday April 13th.

I will definitely see you there.

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